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To get started on learning all the features available to you as a site owner, visit the quick-start guide on our wiki: Quick-Start Guide

Like any good wiki, it is never done; if you find that an improvement could be made, or it doesn’t answer your specific questions, then visit our community forums to ask our staff or other users: Help Forums

If you need live chat help, join our help channel and ask any questions: Enjin Live Chat Channel

Finally, if you or any of your site’s members encounter issues they need personal help with, let us know by filing a support ticket: Enjin Support Form

Speaking of members, you may want to check out these ways to get some visitors to your site:

Enjin Minecraft Plugin

To enable advanced features and sync your website to your server install the Enjin Minecraft Plugin and set your server settings. Check: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/emp/

Enjin In-Game Client (Minecraft Supported)

Share images, videos directly to your website / profile wall from Minecraft. Packed with 100's of features. Learn More

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